Deceptive Bytes integrated Windows Defender & Firewall to its platform

Deceptive Bytes latest version and first release of 2020 brings with it an additional boost to organizations’ cyber security stack as we added the capability to control Windows Defender & Windows Firewall through our platform.

“Deceptive Bytes enables enterprises, SMBs and MSSPs to bolster their security with a lightweight solution that reduces operational burden & costs and false-positive alerts in an easy to operate solution.” says CEO Sagi Lamay.

“With the new release, Deceptive Bytes’ platform does more than just close the gap left by other security products and tools, it allows customers to manage their endpoint security under our platform which integrates to other security systems such as SIEM, eliminating the need for complex, ineffective products.”

Windows Defender configuration
Windows Firewall configuration

The latest version utilizes (in addition to Windows Defender & Firewall), the cloud to block millions of known threats, it improves the behavioral capabilities to stop file-less and other advance attacks and it enhances its Deception capabilities to stop the most sophisticated threats that are able to evade current security products & systems.

Deceptive Bytes’ Deception platform received major updates as well with Live Forensics to analyse endpoints remotely, additional integrations to 3rd party systems, including threat intelligence and SIEM & logging servers, improvements to MSSPs management and additional improvements to existing functionalities such as reports and remote management.

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